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Does Microsoft’s Xbox team need to offer some musical advice to the company’s Server Tools group? The video game division unveiled its new Xbox 360 console in an MTV event that featured The Killers, the popular indie rock band. Today, down at the SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 launch in San Francisco, the event opened with a slightly more traditional choice, ’70s era rock band Cheap Trick which fortunately was able to squeeze in the appearance before its next tour date, Dec. 10 at the Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, La..

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One option might be to look for barely used versions of your preferred model in the local want ads, for you may be able to find great bargains on what is essentially the same product. Another possibility is finding what you want online, for there are many Internet dealers that can offer new mopeds at significantly discounted rates. It is wise to verify any Internet dealers licensing before purchase.