The arrogance of the

The commission, which normally has five members, regulates the nation’s natural gas industry, hydropower plants and interstate electric transmission. The panel needs at least three members to show up before it can formally meet and make major decisions. But with the departure in February of former Chairman Norman Bay, there are only two commissioners remaining..

The arrogance of the Parish Council reaches astounding new heights all the time! I live in East End, a small hamlet that is officially part of East Bergholt but some miles from the main village, right on the border with Brantham. Our children go to Brantham school, we go to Brantham shops, we use Brantham roads and Brantham buses. From the parish council we get one children’s play area and two dog bins, for which we get treated by them as an open wallet.

I left he actually did everything I said and was really happy, and so he hired me, she says. Was on a budget but he was willing to do the work himself. Toured Rako apartment, took pictures and then used Photoshop to give her client a feel of how the colors might look.

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