Teenage life’s awesome

“Teenage life’s awesome,” said Mike Mazzolo, 13 and a student at St. Agnes in West Chester. “I’m having fun with my friends.”. The credit crunch has its upsides such as cheaper restaurant deals for those who can still afford to fork out for a night out.Happy hours and incentives such as free wine with a meal are proliferating in restaurants as owners struggle to attract custom in lean economic times and over winter.Eateries already coping with skyrocketing food prices are having to offer special deals to attract custom, and in restaurant saturated Auckland, some are employing touters to get people in the doors.Restaurateurs canvassed by the Herald on Sunday said offering regular customers a free bottle of wine with their meal, or creating a promotional menu with cheaper meal options is imperative as they face a long winter.Front of house staff particularly at tourist strips such as Mission and Oriental Bay were increasingly resorting to touting menus outside. Even five star hotels such as Auckland’s Stamford Hotel have begun handing out “drink cards” in the street, offering discounts for its lobby bar. Drink cards are entrenched in competitive Australian markets such as Surfer’s Paradise and Melbourne.Harry Machiela, of Restaurant Indonesia in Hawke’s Bay, and the former regional head of the Restaurant Association, said the hospitality industry there had seen a “huge” downturn in the past four months.He said diners could expect to see more specials, such as Indonesia’s upcoming free glass of wine deal, but as net profit margins of 10 per cent were the norm for the industry, there wasn’t much room to move.”There is huge pressure on us to raise prices.

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