It's like counting

It’s like counting down the seconds until that final moment where you know everything is just going to stop and shatter into a million pieces. No matter how well you know what’s going to happen, or how well you know you deserve, it’s still going to break you. Chew you up and spit you out, inside out..

My natural gas in Cody comes from the Oregon Basin oil field about 15 miles southeast of town. Back in the 1950’s they flared it because there was no market for t, till local company Cody Gas built a compressor station and pipeline into town. Back when we acquired the gas locally, distributed t locally, and sold it locally, natural gas was exceedingly cheap in Cody.

Convenience is the main priority for shoppers nowadays. If I want something at 7pm, I go and get it from one of the big chains, if I need something quickly I check online where it’s in stock and go get it, If i’m in no rush i’ll shop around on the t’internet and order from there. I don’t bet/gamble, don’t eat KFC, Greggs, or McD’s and don’t buy second hand goods (sorry), so why would I go into town???.

In hindsight? I could have just put it aside to be fixed later. But, you know. I wasn’t thinking rationally.. This is a similar one to barbecuing on your balcony, with a debate on whether cigarette smoke is considered a ‘nuisance’ under strata laws. While you may find it frustrating that you can’t enjoy yourself as you please on your own balcony, it’s important to take into consideration your neighbours who are getting secondhand smoke from your cigarettes. If you really need to smoke, walk around the block or find somewhere on your street away from others..

Tate brought me back to the studio to meet Melissa, who was tackling some artwork for the festival. Her hair is cut short, and she was wearing a maroon raincoat on a beautiful spring day with a broach pinned on it. She dresses like the cool, sassy older sister in your Wholesale Authentic Jerseys favorite ’80s movie..

“What’s so surprising to me is how unguarded people are with strangers,” Gradus says. “But when you think about porn, people are posing themselves to virtual strangers. It’s the same thing with app dating. (Disclaimer: This was written in late January, prior to players opting out of contracts and/or being cut as cap casualties so you may not see some obvious names on the list. Also, the franchise tags have not been awarded, so all impending free agents were considered. Miller is a legit force against the pass and the run and has been a monster throughout his career, despite his off the field troubles.