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“I’m hoping we go undefeated but that’s a heck of a feat do. I think we can go, yes we can, do I think we will go no I don’t. We’ll go 15 1 when we’re done,” says Brantner. Joining with the experience and strong institutional knowledge of council chair Nestor Garcia and council members Ikaika Anderson, Romy Cachola and Ann Kobayashi, it has been a pleasure to welcome council members Tom Berg, Stanley Chang, Breene Harimoto, Ernie Martin and Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo to the legislative team.What has been most encouraging so far is the professional approach and tone to managing the city the feeling of “let’s work together to get things done.” The Mayor’s Office and the City Council seats are all non partisan positions. And while the council members have been elected to advocate for their district constituents, in the end both the council and the mayor answer to all citizens of the City and County of Honolulu. Therefore, we have no excuse not to set aside our own agendas and work together in the pursuit of savings, synergy and serving all of the public.The need for cooperation holds true as well for the relationship between the city and the state governments.

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