If you can,

If you can, schedule your surgery on a Thursday or Friday and expect to miss a few days of work. For two days following her surgery in June 2014, Lauren, 36, said her mom took care of her while she recovered. “Sometimes the sides of my boobs hurt so bad I could hardly stand it,” she says.

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Leanne Brown noticed it too. Brown relocated from Canada to the United States to get her master’s degree in food studies from New York University. cheap nfl jerseys She’d see cheap china jerseys people using SNAP (what most of us call food stamps) and thought, that’s no way to eat (she’s right), according to a story on NPR’s blog.

Cradled by calm Caribbean waters and some of the world’s finest white sand beaches, the posh Lesser Antilles’ island of Anguilla is a haven for travelers seeking some alone time. The intimate 17 room Arawak Beach Inn’s three night Me, Myself I package is the perfect year round reward, too, with perks like a lobster dinner for one and a picnic fueled day trip to the secluded beaches of uninhabited Scrub Island as part of the deal. Your Anguilla visit needn’t be all about alone time mind you, as abundant international restaurants, art galleries, historic sites, and superb snorkeling and diving spots await those who care to venture out for company.