If someone steals 10 dollars

If someone steals 10 dollars from me and apologizes, that’s really nice and I appreciate it, but that still may not repair my relationship with this person, and I still may think of her as a thief. If someone steals 10 dollars from me, apologizes and gives my 10 dollars back to me, this will more likely help us to have a decent relationship in the future. House of Representatives issued an apology to Black Americans for the institution of slavery and the subsequent Jim Crow laws.

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Character assassination is the refuge of those who hide and conceal these issues in order to rationalize their own allegiance to the status quo. I am neither a saint nor prophet, but I am a Jesus loving free Black man in a Great Tradition who intends to be faithful unto death in telling the truth and bearing witness to justice. I am not beholden to any administration, political party, TV channel or financial sponsor because loving suffering and struggling peoples is my point of reference.

But delivering a catalog that ends up in a dumpster without being looked at rather defeats the purpose of delivery, wouldn’t you say? How can they profit? Yet the numbers of these catalogues increase faster than ants in the kitchen in January. This year, a “Shop at Home Catalogue,” containing the titles and descriptions of 450 other catalogues, got into the house, making possible the purchase of virtually anything. Anything! From scrying mirrors, to “The Leader in Sexy Hosiery,” to “150 Years of Florida Citrus.” Just send a couple of bucks in for the catalogue.

Howard Yu, a professor of strategy and innovation at IMD business school in Switzerland, says Disney has a strong history of working with government at all levels on IP rights. But the company has also been shifting its strategy away from content and products to providing experiences. “Experiences are always more difficult to copy,” he said.