For centuries sci fi has prognosticated

For centuries sci fi has prognosticated that our technological downfall would come at the hands of machines. The robots would turn on us. Artificial intelligence would surpass and destroy us. They need to be followed.”Villagers dig graves to bury the school children who died after consuming contaminated meals given to them at a school on Tuesday at Chapra district, in the Bihar on July 17, 2013. The Indian government announced on Thursday it would set up an inquiry into the quality of food given to school pupils in a nationwide free meal scheme after at least 23 children died in one of the deadliest outbreaks of mass poisoning in years. REUTERSA senior official directly involved in the decision making on pesticide use said: “You have got to understand that all pesticides are toxic but they are essential for maintaining or increasing agricultural production.”Can we afford to lose 15 25 percent of output? One cannot afford to lose such a large percentage of agricultural produce.

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