Bush Intercontinental Airport will

Bush Intercontinental Airport will be an important gateway for service to Havana and will directly connect 20 markets across the central and western United States to Cuba with just one stop, officials said. The Cuban American population in the Houston metropolitan area ranks among the top ten cities in the country. Department of Transportation made an outstanding decision by approving United Airline application for Saturday service between Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Havana Jose Marti international Airport, said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

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They can tell industrial workers that their jobs were taken away by nasty foreigners. And they can promise to bring the jobs back by making America polluted again, by getting tough on trade, and so on. These are false promises, but they play well with some audiences..

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Traffic is a good reason to take advantage of our award winning smartphone app called TRIPTalk, available for Android and iPhone users, Logan said in a statement. Helps travelers steer clear of delays caused by holiday backups or accidents while letting you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. On July 11 except in cases of emergencies.